Our stamping and forming lines

With our stamping and forming lines, we enable complete turnkey press systems for electromotive rotor-stator applications. From the die-cutting process to stamp lamination. These high-speed stamping systems with a press force of 1,000 to 4,000 kN can also be used in combination – with special strip feeding systems, strip welding equipment, push-pull feed systems as well as parts transport and tool changing systems.

Features and selectable properties

Automatic stamping presses from Zeulenroda Presstechnik have the following fixed or variably selectable features:

  • Optimised, split welded steel frame construction for low production halls
  • 2- or 3-point slider with translatory mass balancing
  • AIM – Adjust-In-Motion system for dynamic immersion depth control
  • Quick-lift function (quick lifting of the slide for access to the mould)
  • Table clamping plate with variable assembly segments (installation of package lifts and parts dispensing systems can be customised)
  • Conveyor system with a high degree of automation
  • Push-pull feed systems with strip thickness measuring device
  • Highly dynamic pneumatic intermediate ventilation device, adjustable lifting height, measuring system for monitoring the cycle ventilation
  • Servo stamping shears
  • Scrap sorting system
  • Interfaces to peripheral system components
  • Line control system as SIEMENS complete solution based on T-CPU (S7-1518TF)
  • Strip processing line, feed systems, press, strip thickness measuring device, interlocking control and parts movement all integrated into one system and HMI
  • Interlocking control incl. tool slide control, end position monitoring, feed monitoring, double sheet monitoring and servo rotation axes

Matching accessories

Our stamping and forming lines can be equipped with additional accessories. We offer you these options to complement your machine:

  • Soundproof cabin with switch cabinet platform
  • Tool changing system
  • Preparation for strip welding technology
  • Cupping device with sampling point
  • Space reserve for belt cleaning system
  • Interface to PDA system with manual scanner
  • Telescopic belt support roller track or belt support table Honeycomb sheet with optimum gliding properties

Our top 5 – high-speed stamping lines


Extremely rigid table and slide design
with minimal deflection
< 0.08 mm/m
(75 %)


Extremely rigid press frame construction
with minimal overall deflection
< 0.15 mm/m
(75 %)


Very long table length in relation to the press force
-> maximum tool flexibility
3,800 mm
[4,000 kN]


Optimised slide depth designed for
3-row tools with strip widths of up to 600 mm
1,000 mm


Maximum overall line performance
From the reel to parts output
200 min-1
300 min-1 (press)

Precise pressing technologies for every challenge

Discover precision and versatility in our selection of state-of-the-art pressing technologies. From efficient automatic stamping presses and sophisticated stamping and forming lines to high-performance servo presses and hydraulic presses, we offer first-class solutions for your requirements.

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