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Located in the small town of Zeulenroda-Triebes near Greiz, Zeulenroda Presstechnik GmbH is situated in a region where mechanical engineering was established over 150 years ago. To date, almost 60,000 quality machines have been produced and around 100 employees are now working on new forming machines. In doing so, we ensure maximum performance and quality – and are the point of contact for almost all markets and areas of application.

Our particular strength is also the individuality of each individual system. Together with our customers, we develop unique, optimised solutions. To achieve this, we can draw on over 150 years of experience in press and plant construction and complement this with state-of-the-art technical expertise and new developments.

We and our partner firms in a strong group of companies – the Profiroll Group within Dr Helmut Rothenberger Holding – also benefit from optimally networked mechanical engineering expertise.

With 155 years of experience, we at Zeulenroda Presstechnik are not only shaping the present, but are also clearly focusing on the future of forming technology innovations.

Lutz Heller
Managing Director

Our history

Zeulenroda Presstechnik has been a leader in high-performance forming technology for over 150 years. Press manufacturing, customer service, press modernisation and contract manufacturing form the company’s spectrum of activities. Today, almost 60,000 quality machines from Zeulenroda are in use all over the world, delivering maximum performance and reliability.

Whether it’s new automotive drive concepts, battery storage systems or fuel cell applications – we have successfully gone through a lot together and are ready to support you in your move into the manufacturing future.
Experiences and adventures have strongly characterised our mission statement. You could almost say that there is little we haven’t seen or successfully mastered together. If you look into the medium and long-term future of forming technology or try to read the proverbial crystal ball, a clear picture of realigned manufacturing companies emerges. Hardly anyone can claim not to have come into contact with new automotive drive concepts, battery-based energy storage systems, hydrogen production or fuel cell applications. We in Zeulenroda have also aligned our future in this direction. Whether production lines for rotor-stator laminations for electric motors, metallic battery housings and associated system parts or special assembly presses for the production of stacks – the entire Zeulenroda Presstechnik team will be happy to support you in your step into the future.

Our corporate mission statement

We can always fulfil the wishes of our customers.

Our ability to fulfil the needs and wishes of our valued customers has top priority for us. Our primary goal is to respond precisely to the requirements of our customers in relation to their business activities. With a wide range of products and customised solutions, we can ensure that our customers not only receive what they want and what they order, but that they also receive an optimally adapted solution that contributes significantly to the success of their business.

Our customers enjoy unrestricted access to our highly qualified sales and service team members at all times, who utilise state-of-the-art communication tools to ensure a seamless service provision. In addition, we attach great importance to long-term customer support, with our specialists from various fields developing a deep understanding of our customers, their requirements, machines, operators and maintenance departments.

Our sales process is consistently customer-orientated, with a clear focus on the individual needs of our customers. During the production process, we actively integrate our customers via our professional project management to ensure that their requirements are taken into account from the beginning. Ultimately, our dedicated service department ensures long-term customer satisfaction and a sustainable partnership.

Our comprehensive capabilities extend to the fulfilment of all requirements in connection with our products and their diverse application scenarios. Our experienced experts regularly overcome challenges in all business areas in a competent manner.

However, our true satisfaction and success lies in the thorough investigation and sustainable elimination of causes. The quality of our value-adding processes is ensured in the long term through continuous improvement initiatives and corresponding internal audits.

In a successful organisation, the right mix is often crucial. Our teams are able to manufacture highly complex machine tools by bringing together experienced employees with many years of experience and well-trained young talents in specialised groups. This combination of determination and expertise enables us to master demanding challenges.

Both our managers and our technical experts work locally and pursue long-term perspectives. Our HR strategy aims to promote efficient, direct and transparent collaboration across generations and defines team success as a central component of our successful business activities.

Our ability to manufacture products of the highest quality is based not only on the use of first-class ‘Made in Europe’ components, but also on optimised assemblies, robust designs, sophisticated protection concepts, tried-and-tested technologies and proven manufacturing processes.

The machine tools from Zeulenroda enable stable production processes, achievement of the highest quality standards in the end products, and the adaptability of our products in line with future requirements, even under long-term intensive use.

It is a matter of course and also essential for us to use the resources available to us responsibly. Solid business activities based on stable foundations and an experienced and competent team will continue to ensure the customary quality of our machine tools from Zeulenroda in the future.

Ensuring stable business operations and the ability to successfully manage risks require reliable processes. This is ensured through the continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes, professional risk assessment, the targeted utilisation of opportunities and comprehensive change management.

This holistic approach ensures the security and stability of our business activities and enables us to respond to our customers’ requirements in the usual efficient and effective manner at all times.

Our continuous pursuit of excellence is based on consciously fostering the creativity of our managers and specialists, taking into account personal responsibility, close cooperation, respectful relationships both internally and externally, mutual appreciation and the application of appropriate management strategies. Our strategies and guidelines provide the necessary framework for this approach.

Ultimately, it is our committed employees who have a decisive influence on our success. These employees are motivated by a deep sense of pride, recognition from management and, last but not least, the satisfaction of our customers.

Finally, we would like to emphasise that our commitment is to never let up until our customers are completely satisfied. In partnership with our suppliers and business partners, we set ourselves demanding standards in order to exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive tirelessly to earn the trust of our business partners.

Our commitment is not to claim to offer the best or cheapest product, but rather to do everything in our power to ensure that we are always recognised as a competent, efficient and valued business partner.

Quality that counts: Certificates and awards

Find out more about our commitment to the highest quality standards and our pursuit of excellence! Here you can see the certificates and awards that Zeulenroda Presstechnik has received for outstanding achievements in press technology. Discover how we achieve the highest standards with proud precision and innovation and continuously strive to exceed your expectations. Quality you can rely on.

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