Our automatic stamping presses

The automatic stamping presses in the HR series are ideal for large-scale production with progressive dies or transfer moulds. The parts are held in the sheet metal strip and moved through the individual mould stations until they are finally released in the subsequent assembly step. The precise motion sequences and long-term geometric accuracy are proof of the high quality of our products.

By adding an individually configured transfer system, a combination of progressive and transfer operation or pure transfer operation can be realised. Thanks to fully or semi-automated tool changing and tool clamping devices, our automatic punching and forming machines can also be used very flexibly and set-up times can be reduced to a minimum.

Possible areas of application

The automatic stamping presses can be used for the smallest formed parts as well as for solid stamped parts with a sheet thickness of up to 8 mm. This type of machine is frequently used in the automotive, e-mobility, construction and fittings, household appliance, white goods, sanitary and air conditioning industries and other sectors.

Features and selectable properties

Automatic stamping presses from Zeulenroda Presstechnik have the following fixed or variably selectable features:

  • Press frame in three-part welded or cast steel construction
  • Compact monoblock series
  • Hydraulic overload protection with adjustable release force
  • Automatic stroke and slide adjustment
  • Slide weight compensation with pneumatic equalising cylinders
  • Process-adapted slide guidance systems
  • Eccentric shaft bearing with roller bearings and rotary mass balancing
  • Electronic temperature monitoring of the main and connecting rod bearings
  • Recirculating oil lubrication of all bearing points with monitoring
  • Press force monitoring
  • Siemens S7 PLC control, visualisation via SIEMENS touchscreen multipanel with high operating convenience thanks to clear and simple operation

Precise pressing technologies for every challenge

Discover precision and versatility in our selection of state-of-the-art pressing technologies. From efficient automatic stamping presses and sophisticated stamping and forming lines to high-performance servo presses and hydraulic presses, we offer first-class solutions for your requirements.

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