High-performance multiple step press systems

Our high-performance multiple step presses are your best choice for the efficient production of drawn, bent and stamped parts in large series production. The scope of our multiple step presses includes not only the drawing process with upward and/or downward opening and lateral secondary operations, but also joining operations and the forming of threads. In our fast and precise high-performance multiple step presses, blanks and formed parts pass through many different, individually configurable forming stages. Parts can be moulded in all directions without being bound to a sheet metal strip, which makes the production of complex drawn parts highly efficient.

Possible areas of application

This type of machine is primarily used for rotationally symmetrical deep-drawn parts, which are used in the automotive, e-mobility, sanitary and other industries, for example. Some manufacturing examples are as follows: metallic battery cans, sensor housings, housings for electric motors, shielding sleeves, hose connections, nozzles and many more.

Important data at a glance

A machine that combines maximum precision and quality:

  • Press force range: 160 to 5,000 kN
  • Up to 250 strokes/min configurable
  • Deep-drawn part production using the classic reverse-drawing process, cup-drawing process or both in combination
  • Basic machine design as bottom drive or top drive machine

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