Hydraulic Presses

The hydraulic presses from Zeulenroda Presstechnik GmbH can be used for all classic forming processes as well as for straightening, embossing, calibrating and massive forming. The single-column and double-column presses and the 4-column presses can be equipped with numerous accessories. Hydraulic deep-drawing devices and ejectors in the ram are possible especially for the customer.

The press frame is made of a solid welded steel construction, which ensures high rigidity and a long service life. The use of up-to-date control software and the consideration of the latest press safety standards assure the user of future-oriented and economical machines.

Thanks to the in-house project planning, construction and production through to assembly at Zeulenroda Pressstechnik, customer-specific requirements such as possible uses and ease of use can be met.


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