Automatic stamping presses

The stamping presses of the HR series are ideally suited for large-scale production with progressive dies or transferred die sets. Until they are finally released in the progressive assembly, the parts are held in the sheet metal strip and thus moved through the individual die stations. Our stamping and forming presses are very flexible thanks to fully or partially automated die changes and tool clamping devices. Precise motion sequences and long-term geometric accuracy result in the high quality of our products. The standard press force range is from 400 to 30,000 kN.



Features and Selectable Properties:

press frame with FEM design in three-part welded steel construction or in cast construction

  • hydraulic overload protection with adjustable release force
  • automatic slide adjustment
  • slide weight compensation with pneumatic compensation cylinders
  • vibration-isolated installation of the press
  • eccentric shaft bearings with roller bearings and rotary mass balancing
  • electronic temperature monitoring of the main bearings
  • automatic stroke adjustment
  • slide guide on roller bearings to absorb eccentric forces
  • circulating oil lubrication of all bearing points with monitoring
  • press force monitoring
  • Siemens S7 PLC control, visualization via 15 ’touchscreen multi-panel with high ease of use thanks to clear and simple operation

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